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Purveyor of historical coins and currency from the glory of Ancient Rome, the American Revolution, the Civil War and WW2...along with a bit of everything else.

Hello and thank you for visiting my site.  If you are looking for something special for yourself or a special gift for someone else I may be able to help you.  I am easy to work with and can be reached by phone or email.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you are looking for an item or if you have any questions. 

I carry an eclectic variety of genuine historical coins and paper currency.  This web site is not an on-line store, so I do not list my inventory although I offer a couple representative items in each section.  I will be happy to send photos of items that may potentially interest you.  There is no obligation.  I accept all major credit cards so the transaction can be completed over the phone.  Everything I sell is genuine.  I have a “no questions asked” return policy.  If you receive an item from me and are not 100% satisfied simply return it for a refund.  All I ask is you return the item insured within five business days in the same condition as it was sent to you.  If you remove an item from its original holder, the item is considered “sold” and is not returnable.  I think this is a fair and reasonable return policy.  I do charge 5% for postage and insurance, $5.00 minimum.

If you have U. S. or foreign coins, currency or stamps to sell, please keep me in mind.  I pay fair prices.


Ancient Coins


Many people are surprised to learn that ownership of ancient Roman and Greek coins is not limited to the wealthy or to museums.  In fact many coins can be purchased for under $10.  I offer a nice variety of genuine reasonably priced coins that make great gifts for collectors or for those who simply love history.  I also carry a variety of reasonably priced 17th and 18th century coins.

Inventory sample:

  1. 10 different Roman coins circa 250-350 AD bronze vg/fine...$61.00 

  2. Constantius II circa 330 AD bronze 17mm vg/fine, roman soldiers and standard on reverse...$15.50

  3. Tetricus II 270-273 AD bronze 16mm vg...$12.50

  4. Bronze roman arrowheads, 1 inch long, dug in eastern Europe, circa 110 AD...$15.50 each


I offer genuine examples of the currency that shaped America.  Some of these notes represent the pinnacle of engraver’s art, while others reflect the desperate nature under which they were produced during the Revolutionary and Civil War eras.  All are fascinating in their own right.  These items are truly a window into our past.  Holding currency in your hand that was possibly carried by a Confederate soldier or an American colonist is just very cool.  I also carry a variety of Civil War coins for beginning collectors in the 5-10 dollar range.

Inventory sample:

  1. Civil War currency T20 1861 $20 CSA, fine...$34 

  2. Civil War currency T8 1861 $50 CSA, very fine+, bit of edge roughness, 4 small poc, scarce note - 123,564 issued...$129

  3. Civil War currency 1863 $1.00 Florida, uncirculated...$67.00

  4. Harmony, PA currency $3.00 1817, uncirculated...$230

  5. Civil War currency 1864 $500 CSA, extra fine...$615

  6. Revolutionary War currency October 25, 1775 3 pence PA, fine...$103

  7. Civil War currency 1862 $5.00 Virginia Treasury Note very fine...$67.00

  8. Bristol, PA currency $1.00 1841, Farmers Bank of Bucks County, fine, cut canceled...$28

Variety of Coins


I carry a reasonably priced inventory of U. S. coins from Large Cents to Silver Dollars, large and small size U. S. currency, along with A-Z world coins and currency for the beginning and intermediate collector.  If you have an interest in World War 2 I carry a wide variety of coins and currency from that era.

Inventory sample:

  1. 1854 US  large cent, fine...$28.75

  2. Israel 1949 1 pruta, uncirculated... $3.25

  3. WW2 Philippines 10 and 50 centavo silver coins 1944, extra fine/AU, some toning...$10.50 for the pair

  4. 1899-O US silver dollar, AU...$40

  5. 10 US $1 silver certificates, series 1935 & 1957 fine/vf...$22.50

  6. Series 1923 large size US silver certificate, fine...$50

  7. Series 1875 US fractional currency, 25 and 50 cent, fine...$xxx for the pair

  8. Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe currency, 100 trillion dollars, uncirculated.  Largest demonination ever!...$99  


If historical documents and letters are of interest I carry a variety of such items from the early 1800s through the Civil War, including Civil War soldier letters.  Holding a letter written by a Civil War soldier is quite fascinating.

Inventory sample:

  1. Civil War soldier letter 68th PA, Dec 21 1862, 2pp 5 x 7.75 inches in pencil.  Great content, camp at Falmouth VA...$128.75

  2. Civil War soldier letter Vermont regiment, Co. H, Jan 4 1864, 4pp 5 x 8 inches in ink.  A nice letter, camp near Brandy Station...$71

  3. Imperial Russian Bonds issued 1916 to fund Russian effort in WW1.  10x12 with 4 coupons remaining, some light staining.  Reasonably priced @ $5.00 each

  4. Civil War Confederate $100 Bond 1863, with coupons.  Excellent condition...$128.75

Old Documents


When I was eight years old I received a small tin of coins from my grandmother containing some foreign coins, a few steel pennies and a couple buffalo nickels.  I had never seen anything like this before and I was hooked!  Shortly thereafter a coin collector who worked with my father loaned me an old "blue book" (a coin price guide).  I read and absorbed every piece of information I could from that book.  The pages were falling out by the time I returned it.  While in my early twenties my interest shifted to paper money. 


Coins and paper money have taught me more about history, geography and the human struggle than I ever was exposed to in school.


To be able to hold "history in your hands" is truly a thrill for me.  These items are a window into our past.


I have been a part-time dealer since 2010. 


Although I do not have a store front I am located in Zelienople, Pennsylvania.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Mark Bracken


All inventory is kept in bank.

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